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Investigate, Analyse, Resolve


30+ years of experience

Software and systems for the newspaper and commercial Printing Industry - Development, support, troubleshooting and performance analysis.
Research projects for Renewable Energy, Pharmaceutical and Aerospace Industries.

Technical project management, support and troubleshooting

Performance analysis and optimised settings
Key skills
Understanding your projects and issues, liaising with all suppliers and ensuring completion and resolution.
Analysising and monitoring of complex intergrated systems across a range of technologies.
Making your Systems perform  to their utmost capability.
Reducing waste and make ready times.
Improving your bottom line.

Engineering and Industry knowledge and experience.

Software, systems and industrial automation.
Interfacing and integration.
EnOcean, Energy harvesting and wireless systems.
Embedded systems.
SPICE modelling, Electronic Circuit and PCB design.
Technology and Engineering Research
Other skills
Locating and understanding key information required across many disciplines to help you make informed decisions.

Management Information Systems (MIS). SQL Server.
C/C++, VBA, Pascal, Basic, Ladder, OPC.

PLC5, ControlLogix, SLC500.
Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft Office tools - especially Access and Excel.
RFID tags and systems.

   Investigate, Analyse, Resolve

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